22 – 30 JANUARY 2021

47 MALAN ROAD, #01-22

A visual arts exhibition that follows the proposition of becoming, which is understood as the possibility for diversity, multiplicity and change. It is about forming alliances between artistic identities, seeing them as subjective beings with the potential to interchange or become something else through a unique symbiosis.

The narrative of ‘becoming’ alludes to one of many potentials for multiplicity beyond imitation, as French philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari suggest. To artists, this may involve adopting a new frame of reference, negotiation or exploring experimental perspectives in art-making. Through mutual dialogue, they develop and motivate further intersections of intergroup contact and artistic mediation.

The organisers invited six artists and formed pairs of three, hoping they would interact, explore and negotiate with each other. They are: Liyana Ali & Ivan David Ng; Anthony Chin & Leroy Sofyan; Liana Yang & Thesupersystem.

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