Three visual dialogues on @theorchirdthewasp based on various inquiries into work-making, partnership and negotiation.

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“What do collaborations and negotiations remind you of?”

time & patience; failures & negotiations; relationships/friendships; accountability & sustainability; covertness & agency.
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“Can differences bring about discourse and if so, how generative?”

attempts at hospitality, co-ownership and calibration of care and power, in thinking about collaborations and gatherings
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“How do you resolve conflict amongst collaborations?”

malleability and tensility; labour as non-expectation; giving time and space; mutuality and solidarity; virtual intimacies and kinship; horizontalism and flat planes; relativism as balance.


Pre-exhibition interactions between artists, collaborative platforms and audiences.

11 December 2020, 8 – 9 PM, Zoom

Presenting artists’ work processes and perspectives on artistic exchange as a result of a negotiation process with another artist as a starting point to discuss how differences can pave way for work-making, collaboration, experimentation and shared identities.

Moderated by Object Lessons Space, featuring artists: Liyana Ali, Ivan David Ng, Leroy Sofyan & Anthony Chin.

Object Lessons Space is an art historical archive and platform that documents conversations with artists, writers, and curators.

January 2021

Presented as a digital session that teases the narratives of intimacy and symbolic gestures, including exploring how relationships are culturally inflected, The Orchid; The Wasp’s second Mediating Sessions will be recorded at I_S_L_A_N_D_S and published online.

The new works by Liana Yang and Thesupersystem explore ideas of attraction in two different settings — Liana creates in the context of illicit spaces and Thai Discos (Siam Diu) while Thesupersystem adopts an environment closer to the self. Both interpret these personal experiences of pleasure through the culture of performance. For Thesupersystem, it is the familiar Malay films of late actor and director P. Ramlee and a music accompaniment by Singaporean producer Fauxe. For Liana, it is the various voyeuristic footage of women online, dance and music at discos, and transactional acts of service.

I_S_L_A_N_D_S is an experimental platform that encourages artists to reconsider the boundaries of their practice by testing novel concepts and alternative means of exhibition-making. The programme introduces short-term presentations in various formats, each building upon a topic or subject matter proposed by the artists.

Organised by The Orchid; The Wasp on the occasion of Singapore Art Week 2021

22 January 2021, 7 – 10 PM

Everyone’s invited!

Make your way down to Gillman Barracks to view the works, unmediated. You are encouraged to download the audio feature (via the website) – created for your listening as you walk through the exhibition. Join the artists and organisers at the opening as they introduce the narratives in person. Refreshments will be provided.

Gillman Barracks, 47 Malan Road, #01-22
(do be mindful of social distancing practices)
from 22 January 2021

A compilation of dialogue and reflection on the creation of visual arts exhibition, The Orchid; The Wasp and works commissioned. Produced by Eugene Soh.

The audio feature is available here.
23 January 2021, 8 – 9 PM, Zoom

This discussion, moderated by Zulkhairi Zulkiflee, will feature artists Liana Yang, Thesupersystem, Liyana Ali, Ivan David Ng, Leroy Sofyan & Anthony Chin.

The session will individual and collective interests of coming together and the creation of dialogue – expanding beyond the narrative and curatorial premise of the exhibition.

Register for the talk here
23 January 2021, 9.30 PM – 3 AM, Zoom

‘BE-COMING’ is a sound and video art presentation that looks at change, contact and mutuality through sound, video art and performance. Seek regeneration and timeout through virtual rave experiment Endless Return, right after The Orchid; The Wasp exhibition artist talk.

Featuring DJs:
xaetherx (SG), rEmPiT g0dDe$$ (MY), tmprmnthl (SG), aleezon (SG), C2AC (SG)

Visual art:
Endless Return (SG), The Orchid; The Wasp (SG)

This session is by registration only. More details to follow soon.

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